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What up Livejournal?! It's been forever. Well, it's been a year at least.

I live in Houston now. I moved in with Chaz this last December. A year of long-distance was 12 months too long. My life is in a stage of reorganization: Attending HCC while I establish residency so that I will be able to get in-state tuition at UH in a year or so, working as a server at The Spaghetti Warehouse (Which is also awesomely haunted), and taking care of our bad-ass old house. Speaking of the house, I absolutely love it. The walls and the ceilings are uneven, there is only one outlet in our bedroom, and there is a tiny window that connects the living room and the kitchen.
Speaking of the boyfriend, I never could have imagined I'd be this happy in a relationship that has lasted so long. I am continuously happy. It's stupid, really and I certainly would hate to annoy everyone with the mushy details.

I need to start writing in this everyday. I need to start writing everyday, period. I don't think I even have any friends left on here to read my journal. How sad :(
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