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My fever burns me deeper than I've ever shown

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Nay - a layout without Elijah? This cannot be! Woe, for this portends the end of ages! The seas shall boil and the sun will shine no more! All is lost without the Elijah layout!

Mikey likes it.
very cool! :D
Add me ma’am?
Ah, Sammi, it's should totally add me back. We could be LJ gal pals.
:O awesome. *adds you sucka*

Deleted comment

hey sammy! tis elias ^^.


12 years ago

Add me!

It's the least you could do after violating my mother.

ok ok ok :P
Sam E: I am Leigha.
add it up
Hey it's Lily, please add me =)
O.O You're Roark? jesus, I cannot tell you how much I love the Fountainhead. no joke. *adds*
Your layout/FO banner is HOT!
thank you!! :D
omfg I love your ithink therfore iam icon...where did you get it?
lj user Grrliz
growing up is DAMN scary.
How do people deal with it?!
Samunella, you lovely lady.

How have you been?

It's Annie btw.

*adds you*

Darling!! I have crazzzyyy :) as you will see now that my journal is open to you. :D
please forgive me. i have been a terrible friend and i miss you so much it hurts. I love you Samantha! I promise to get better at the correnspondence thing.

I love you! And hope you had/are having an amazing time in New York.
Hey I'm hoppin around lately, stopped off in az for the fam. haha got the internet. how you do???
Hey lady. It's me, Dani. New journal. Friend me back? ^_^
I'll give you my mom's house number when I get it. Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, sometimes it seems that's the only thing I can get right. woohoo! Sam!
thank god. I miss you.